TP Updates

07.20.07 - No new updates, but I'm still going to put this in hiatus not for long until I have the pages up. Please join the NotifyList once you go to the comics link. As for the upcoming updates, I'm going to change the layout. Be on the look out! <3

08.27.06 - No new pages yet. ;_; Will have new pages on Sept 2nd! Keep an eye on 'em! <3

06.02.06 - 3 new pages!!! Sorry for the lack of updates!!! @__@;;;

02.09.06 - Fixed the links and BBS is UP!!! :D

02.07.06 - Finally updated 48-51! The latest pages are the old ones. The latest one I'm working on has a new style so beware of that >wo<3]

09.21.05 - Nyuuuuuuuu, got my updates up >wo!! No new pages. Next week there will be >Do!! So be on the lookout for the new pages [Yes! More than one, little poopsies <3]

12.16.05 - OMG I haven't updated my manga T_T I'm so so sorry everybody. I'll try to upload the pages before Xmas eve :D It'll be ALL the pages for chapter 2. >_o!!!!!!!!!!