Tiger Punch ~ Story and FAQ

Daisuke Enomoto is a typical punk living on his own in an apartment building. He lost his parents and lost track of the history of his family and his ancestors at the age of five with no evidence if they were killed or not. Years have past, Daisuke is 17, enrolling as a freshman in Sakura Daigaku [Sakura College]. While he was going to the University one morning, he spot a cat and became friends after so many tricks Daisuke can come up with to get rid of it. Now that Daisuke has a cat, the cat can talk and it is the decendent of the Enomoto family, meaning that Daisuke might find his family somewhere lurking in different countries. Not only that, Daisuke is under the "Death List of the Enomoto Family"! Will he risk his life saving his family? What's up with the death list? Why is he looking for his family and relatives? What is up with that!? oDO [a.k.a. read the manga <3]



A: They went kablooie. o_o That's all I know. oDo

Who influenced you in drawing and making this manga?

Masashi Kishimoto, my hero. ;w; I like stories that has personal problems
and real life tragedies, relationship problems, love, family, etc. etc.
When I first read Naruto I said to myself, "omg! Naruto has the same
problem as I have...making a dream come true!" This is what I really
like about mangas and thank you Kishimoto for showing me courage
that dreams will come true if I work hard and believe in myself. ^^

Why do you draw such detailed artworks?

A: 'coz I like detailed art no matter what. [aka REALISM <3] o_o

May I use your artworks in my webpage?

A: o_o;;; You must have a permission from me before you put it up. Next

Q: Hi, I'm your fan. ^^

A: Yay! :D

Q: May I have your messenger username?

A: NO!!

Q: Are you a female or male?

A: o_O'''

Q: Where do you live?

A: U.S.A. and that's my final ¬ ¬''

Q: I love you!

A: O_O Well that was random!

Q: How come you don't usually update every Friday?

A: Sometimes I don't really have time to update every Friday due to loads and
loads of homework and busy days that I might have during my college
years. Be patient! You can check every Saturday to make sure if I have
updated new pages of Tiger Punch or not...OR you can join the notify list :D!

Q: Can I have your autograph?

A: o_o ... Yo, I'm not that famous oDo ...

Q: What tools do you use in your manga/comic?

A: Well for...wait a minute! o_O''' Are you trying to take my style away?
>_> <_< j/k...anyways, for the outlines I use rapidograph 0.25, and for
thicker outline, I use rapidograph 0.50 for border lines and one theme
in Daisuke and Akai [go to page 11 in the manga and it's the part
where you see Daisuke yelling and go to page 4 for Akai in the corner].
Anyways for drawing before inking, I use pencils 2H and/or 6H [They're art
pencils FYI].

FYI, I also use another set of pens. They are sketch pens and they are made
by Steadler, the internationaly known famous market from Germany. I would
recommend this kind of pens when starting your own manga. ^.^

Q: Can we exchange links?

A: GO AHEAD! :D It's totally...FREE!! :D

Q: Do you have an art gallery? Like an official art gallery?

A: http://naruto-sexy-no-jutsu.deviantart.com/

Q: May I print out your manga?

A: Yup! You may print my manga! ;D [DON'T PUBLISH AND MAKE MOOLAS$$$ >_>;;;]

Q: Your English is bad.

A: I'm sorry. Sometimes I'm in Lala-land whenever I try to come up what
the character is saying...*now ish in Lala-land* @_@

Q: Do you have someone that checks your work?

A: Nope! I do all the editing, typing, drawing, and many more. I often check
my spelling and grammar at least 3 times before I put it up on the web. It's fun! ;D

Q: Hey! I saw you at [insert IRL place]!

A: OoO WOW!! ... *crickets in the background* ... Let's meet again oDo

Q: Do you know English?

A: ¬ ¬ If I never knew English, then this site would be written in Japanese. @_@ Like ya, dude -_-!